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TTi has been Australia’s Leading Manufacturer of rotationally moulded poly tanks for over 20 years. TTi's transportable poly tanks are designed to move liquid from A to B, and are recognised as ‘The Safest Tanks in Motion.’ TTi don’t dilute their focus by producing liquid storage tanks and other rotomolded products. 

At the heart of our diverse range of products which includes Spray Equipment, Fire Fighting Equipment, Diesel Transfer Units, Agricultural Equipment & Industrial Water Carts is our renown poly tanks.

With 200+ LADs dealers across Australia and Internationally, TTi is ‘never too far from where you are!’

TTi’s focus is on providing liquid transport products that are tried, tested, proven & ultimately, safe for use in Australian conditions.

Whether you're after a portable diesel tank (fuel cell), fire fighting slip on unit, slip on water tank and more, IAM Wollongong has what you need.

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Manufacturer of the Worlds Most Reliable Liquid Transport Tank Solutions



Whether you are looking for a fuel pod to refuel tractors, excavators, graders, dozers, utes, or any other machinery, TTi’s range of portable fuel tanks with pumps ensure your equipment is refuelled safely and quickly.

TTI’s portable fuel tanks for sale are available in sizes from 100L through to 1200L, can be fitted with either 40, 45 or 60lpm pumps, and are also available as slimline diesel fuel tanks.

TTI’s portable fuel tanks are fully manufactured by TTi in Australia, using diesel grade virgin material, and assembled by hands that care about the finish. These are a seriously tough unit. Part of the dangerous goods certification involves the tank being drop tested – filled with antifreeze liquid, placed in a super freezer for hours, then dropped onto the corner from a height of 3m. TTi’s portable diesel fuel tanks passed with no problems.

TTi’s range of fire fighting slip-on and skid mounted units – portable via your ute, trailer or truck! With easy installation and great versatility, TTi’s skid-mounted firefighting units are portable via vehicle to ensure you can provide rapid response.  Water tank sizing ranges from 220L to 2400L ensuring we have an option to suit all needs. We have the perfect slip on or skid mounted firefighting unit for your Ute, trailer or truck.


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Slide On Water Carts by TTi put water to work like nothing else. Understanding the demands of a contract, the FloodRite is a reliable investment that will get water to where you need it safely. Sizes range from 5000L through to 17000 liters, and there is a fit-out option to suit most applications, and whether it’s dust suppression, yard watering, tree water, or soil conditioning, FloodRite has you covered. Get more versatility out of your existing tipper by turning into a Water Cart with the easy self-loading leg system. TTi is the leading manufacturer of water cartage tanks and equipment in Australia.

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