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Soosan Heavy Industries is the largest hammer manufacturer in Korea for good reason. Over 30 years of manufacturing experience, many original units still in operation today, and availability of old model parts, all go to show Soosan’s commitment to the Australian construction industry.

A fully enclosed frame with noise dampening materials, improves operator comfort, reduces external noise on sensitive sites, and minimises recoil to the excavator.
The simple structure of the SB Plus Series reduces maintenance costs and the patented unique valve system makes the breaker more efficient than many other hammers on the market.

Soosan’s in-house heat treatment, and pre-testing of every unit from the factory, ensures that your hammer will be right from day 1.
No matter the size of your excavator, Soosan have a model to suit from 0.8T to 90T.

Call Ray to discuss your needs today: 0407 383 132

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